UnTied Nations and the SOS Meeting format is a way to:

Be a part of, listen to and hear from your community - and from communities all over the world.

Record and share issues and what needs are not being met.

Hear stories of the ways communities have found to meet these needs.

Share proposals and projects - what works well and what doesn't.

Not just communities but organisations too - you are part of the story and can be part of the solution too.

To be - as far as practically possible, ethical and safe: Uninfluenced, Unbiased and Unfiltered.

UnTied Nations is designed to be: Open, Free and Shared.


Meetings can be in one of four "themes":

R and R - Health Check >> A general check-up on how a community is doing. Plus a look at our history and our future.

SOS - Chronic Issues >> For continued health and ongoing (chronic) issues.

ER - Acute Issues >> Putting resilience plans into action. Who does what, when and how?

CPR - Crisis >> We have an existential crisis - right now!